The Quality Concept

For over twenty years, Exotimex has exported exotic fruit and vegetables to the United States, Canada, Japan and the European Union, with its brands La Bamba, Jade, Natury, Maduro and Ambar.

Ever since we began we have specialized in marketing Persian seedless limes.
And because we are in the business of packaging and marketing, rather than actually producing, we can select the finest quality produce at the best prices from various regions across Mexico to meet our own rigorously high standards.
That means we can deliver shipments to meet each individual client's specifications in terms of size, weight, freshness and color.

Exotimex is HACCP-certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) since our limes are selected and packaged by qualified personnel to meet the very highest quality standards—even exceeding current international regulations on food safety.

Simply put, we work to ensure that our limes reach the consumer's table bursting with flavor, richly aromatic and perfectly textured. At Exotimex, we all share the same philosophy: we want to do what we like best and share it with others in a spirit of creativity and innovation.

Our commitment can be expressed by these two concepts:

    Quality and Consistency

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